Assalamu 'alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

The Light of Truth domain and website is no longer in our control and has been hijacked by ''unknown people''.

We wish to clarify that Sayyad Jilani miya has not done ruju (a shari' compliant repentance) and the serious charges still stand against him and his few remaining supporters.

Also Zafar Iqbal, & family (of Blackburn, UK) has been spreading gossip that he has been exonerated and all the issues related to him & his mischief causing family have been forgotten and resolved, nothing could be further from the truth. Please inform all freinds and relatives not to associate with him, nor to support his so-called charity ILM UK.


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  The voluntary working members of Muhaddith

  e Azam Mission, Preston, Lancs UK are buying
  a much needed property for use as an education
  centre for our youth. We propose to operate
  this Centre as an 'Institute of Excellence' by
  providing both English & Urdu Islamic teaching.
  We shall be paying particular attention to our
  girls and sisters education who shall be strictly
  taught by qualified female teachers

  There will be a spiritual and moral development
  aspect to this centre to help build a charcteristic
  in our students which we hope will help promote
  our great religion in its true form to society at
  Al-hamdulilah! The property has now been purchased
  with your
support and du'as. But we now need to raise
  approximately another
200,000GBP in lillah
  donations, for fittings, equipment, carpets, wc
  and wudu khanna etc.

  The Madani Institute
& Education Centre

  You can help (please also tell
  all your freinds and relatives)
  and gain many rewards by
  donating any cash amount,
  lillah or karz-e-hasan.

Pay directly into our bank!
  Bank details:
  Alliance & Leicester (Bootle)  

  Ac no: 83365481
  Sort Code : 72-06-13
Account name & Cheques
  payable to:

'' Mohaddis e Azam Mission
   Preston ''

   Post to:
   Muhaddith al Azam Mission
   c/o Madani Institute 
   98 Deepdale Road
   PR1 5AR

Sister 450.00 E.Mids
Sister 50.00 UK
Br.150.00 Lancs
Brother 501.00 Preston
Sr 75.00 Bolton
Y.Khan 101.00 B'gham
Ahmad T.201.00 Lancs









The 2 Crowns of the Ahl as-Sunnat w'al Jama'at

Raees al-Muhaqiqeen, Shaykh al-Islam w'al Muslimeen, Blackburn UK 2004

Sahenshah al-Khitabat, Ghazi al-Millat, Birmingham UK 2007


Raees al-Muhaqiqeen,

Shaykh al-Islam w'al Muslimeen


 Shaykh al-Islam Allama Pir
 Sayyad Muhammad Madani
 Ashrafi al-Jilani [May Allah
 preserve & protect him
] is
 no ordinary alim [scholar] 
 amongst todays masses of
 'Imams, Sufis and Allamas'.
 Shaykh al-Islam has many
 unique & special qualities,
 as well as characteristics.
 These are very much
 noticeable whenever one is
 lucky enough to sit in one of
 his blessed gatherings. The
Shaykh's presence & persona
 is such that many first time visitors & guests have become
 totally in awe and many times as a result have become Shaykh
 al-Islam's murid [disciple]

 There are no records on the exact number of murid's Shaykh
 al-Islam has but a conservative estimate puts it in excess of
 5 million people.  Such is his reputation and following not just
 in the South Asian countries but throughout the globe. 

The taqwa [piety] of Hadrat Shaykh al-Islam is
completely different to the taqwa of the ordinary
One of the most often repeated phrases
by his contemporaries is that Shaykh al-Islam is
a kamil-wali' [a perfect saint].

 Another unique gift of Shaykh al-Islam is his ability to express
 profound truths in a brief, yet astoundingly clear way. The
 combination of these gifts has made his speeches, writings
 and poetry amongst the most practically useful sources for
 the Muslims of our time.

  Madani Propagation : the home of has the biggest range of traditional Islamic books online.


  Please assist our noble cause for a new more stable & updated site.
  Insha-Allah we intend to bring you a fresh clean look with new
  pages, new articles & lots more web-space.

Those that have already donated, include ....

  Sister N. Derby, UK

  Brother H.  Holland

  Brother Z. W.Midlands, UK

  Brother Ashrafi, Bolton, UK
  Brother Faizal, Middx, UK

  Sister F. Manchester, UK

  Brother A.H. Blackburn, UK

  Sister S.A. Glasgow, UK

  A Brother, London, UK
  A. Sister, Preston, UK
  Brother, I.H. Accrington, UK

  If you have already donated and your name/initials aren't listed above, then please Contact Us.

Contact Us

 Email  :

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 since 1st May 2004

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Appeal for New Hajj Guide Book sponsorship


Assallam Allekum,





I, Mohammad Javad author of ‘Power of Durood Sharif’, wish to announce the launch of a new free book: ‘Practical Guide to Hajj & Umrah -With Durood Akbar’.  It has been  approved by my contact in India.   They are launching it officially in July in Ajmer Shareef.  I’m arranging a professional print here in the UK for about 5,000 copies.



Please send your sadaqa donations as soon as as possible, as I wish to print and distribute immediately, to allow this year's Hajjis time to read and prepare. The intention is to get people to read Durood Akbar in Madina Shareef. The book will be perfect bound (no staples) as it is too large and this will increase the costs per book. (approximately 40p-60p  per copy).  This is a one off project unlike my Durood Book which is ongoing, therefore give generously for the sake of the Beloved Prophet (Sallal Allahu alai hi wassalam).



Finally, I leave you with these words from the Holy Prophet (Sallal lahu alai hi wassallam):



 1. Al Bukhari Volume 8 No.449 states  “ So a person’s wealth is whatever he spends in Allah’s cause during his lifetime on good deeds”.



2. The Prophet is also reported to have said: “Allah, His angels, the dwellers of the heaven and the earth, and even the ant in its hole and the fish (in water) supplicate in favour of those who teach people knowledge” [At-Tirmidhi].


Please send cheques payable to myself Mohammad Javad to the address below by the end of July 2007 at the latest:  



                                                Mohammad Javad

                                                55 Dura Street (1/1)


                                                DD4 6TB